Inanc Karakas

Name: Inanc

Surname: Karakas

Place of birth: Ankara, TURKEY

Date of birth: 10-07-1983

Profession: Owner of a coffee bookstore

After working in Kazakhstan and Russian Siberia as a civil engineer, interrupted by military service in the Navy, he realized that this life did not suit him and decided to simplify it. He left everything, took a backpack, began to travel a bit of Europe then Asia, had a yoga teacher diploma and returned to his Turkey where he now owns a coffee-bookstore in the south Eskişehir with his partner. We met him through an association that promote permaculture around Eskişehir. We immediately loved his person, his conviction, his natural, his permanent good mood. He is this kind of person with whom time passes much too quickly.

We are pleased to have crossed your path.