Romain is from Marseille, after 5 years spent in Romania and its surrounding area, he felt the need to explore and go further into a change of lifestyle closer to the ideas he values.


Also from Marseille, Romain and Benoit have been friends since their childhood. He is an IT engineer, specialized in Business Intelligence. He expects the trip to help him to find a different lifestyle, more focused on human values.

The Project

We want to travel around the world to meet people that found concrete and innovative solutions to face environmental and social challenges of our time: food, energy, ecology, democracy.

Why ?
Because we are convinced that in the near future, we'll have to live in a simpler way, we'll have to escape from obsessive consumption. We'll need to find an improved balance and combination between enjoyment and work, focusing life goals on individual and collective autonomy and building relationships instead of the pursuit of productivism and growth.

How ?
We will primarily move around by bicycle to visit and work with sustainable communities, eco villages and permaculture centers. We plan to document our ideas, creative techniques and tools that can be applied around the world.

What for ?
We believe that the paradigm shift which we aspire starts with actions on a human scale. Today's communication technologies allow "anyone" to access educational information, but also to transmit it. We want to be these "Anyone".